Quhwa QL-06 1000W Fog Machine

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Casing materials: Plastic
Power consumption: 1000W
Power sources: input AC120V 60Hz, or AC220V-240V 50Hz
Fog output: 3000 cfm(cubic ft. of fog per minute), output distance: 9.8ft(3M)
Heat-up time: 3-5 minutes, 
Product dimensions: 16.22 x 8.31x7.95(412 x 211x202mm)
Fuse: 10A
Tank volume: 0.35gal(1300ml)


Fire-resisting plastic
Alluminum heater, faster heating
Compact, lightweight fog machine emits thick bursts of water-based fog to enhance any light show
Controller selection
Remote control: 32.8ft (10m) remote
Wired on/off controller: 6.56 ft(2M) length

CE, RoHS and cETL approval

How to Use

Before using the fog machine, you have to prepare Fog Liquid(not included)
1.Put this product onto a clean, flat and solid surface, close to the power socket
2.Unscrew the lid on the tank by turning counterclockwise and pour the Fog Liquid inside. Do not spill Fog Liquid onto the product body. Do not overfill. If liquid gets into the Fog Machine, leave it to be dry completely before plugging in. Do not cut, pinch, or break the tube connected through the tank lid. Screw the lid clockwise to the tank tightly. Always make sure there is enough Fog Liquid in the tank before using the Fog Machine.
3.Connect the product with proper power socket 
4.Warm up time is approximately 3-5 minutes. When fully heated, the Wired Control Indication Light will turn on and the Fog Machine will be ready to produce and spray fog.
5.Set the On/Off Switch to on position, nozzle will start spraying fog. Set to off position, spraying will stop.
6.Turn off the unit before refilling the fog machine